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nimf : a concatenative programming language*

nimf is an interpreted language written in golang. It bears no relationship to the language 'nim'. Nimf is an implementation of a concatenative language in a more or less forth** oriented style. It has been created mostly as a learning exercise, but is definitely usable for certain types of programming tasks as well as for educational purposes.

Hello, World

There are a number of ways one could write a hello world program in nimf, but the easiest would be to use the output capabilities of the text module and just print the string:

"text" inline

"hello, world" str.print-buf


Getting nimf

If you are confident and don't need a guide:

git clone https://git.rawtext.club/sloum/nimf && cd nimf
sudo make install

The repo comes with a detailed readme that can walk you through just about anything you'd need, with the exception of the full api reference available here in the nimf guide.