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\ \___  \\ \ \____\ \ \/\ \\ \___  \\ \  __ \  
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  \/_____/ \/_____/ \/_____/ \/_____/ \/_/\/_/ 

slosh : a simple shell

slosh is a new login shell designed for use at ssh [user]@colorfield.space to replace the very limited shell that has been in use there for some time.

Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way: there is no reason most people reading this should want to use this shell over, say bash. It does not do anything new or inovative (though does combine a few previous shell styles), it is more limited than most shells - by design (you can always run sh or bash scripts from slosh, so there is no need to write a whole programming language into a simple shell), and it lacks many common features. But for someone that wants a simple shell to execute commands and work with variables slosh might be a good choice.


Getting slosh

If you are confident and don't need a guide:

git clone https://git.rawtext.club/sloum/slosh && cd slosh
sudo make install

The repo comes with a detailed readme that can walk you through just about anything you'd need to get started.