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tally : spreadsheets with concatenative expressions

tally is a terminal based spreadsheet program. It is a work in progress with a semi-limited feature set. For fun, all expressions use postfix notation similar to Forth in style.

In general the use case for tally is small spreadsheets, notes, shopping lists, bills, little bits of relational data. It is not meant to do what Excel, Calc, Lotus123, or [insert other big spreadsheet program] do. It is meant to be a small and simple alternative for small and simple use cases. That said, it is fairly capable for what it is:

a screenshot of tally showing monthly expenses and income with a calculation for net total


Getting tally

If you are confident and don't need a guide:

git clone https://tildegit.org/sloum/tally && cd tally
sudo make install

The repo comes with a detailed readme that can walk you through just about anything you'd need to get started.