Well, here I am attempting to blog. I have intermittently phlogged over on gopher, but have never really done the blogging thing over http(s). So this will be something new.

The blog portion of this site is a project I have been working on a bit, called chickadee. It is a fairly bare-bones blogging platform. It took some debugging to actually get it working in the live environment of this site (the first site I'm trying it out on), but I got there.

So, what do I plan on doing with this blog? I am not completely sure. I tend to get really into projects. Sometimes they are computer oriented, sometimes music, and sometimes food. Occasionally other things creep in too. I probably won't do too much personal life stuff here (find me on gopher for that).

This post is mostly just to say hi. The rest of the site is really the main event (mostly the recipes and reading lists), not the blog. But you can't have an empty blog page, right?

Happy start to 2024! The world has mostly just gone insane these past years, and it doesn't look like that is going to change this year... but it would be nice if it did. Until then, at least I am in the mountains.

Be well everyone.