Hello. Welcome. I am sloum. This is my webspace. It holds things I want to remember, have made, or am interested in. I can also be found other places.

I cook, write software, read, cycle, build things, parent, hike. Lots of good stuff. I am a big believer in learning to do things yourself, building your own tools, purchasing as little as is possible, and generally letting kindness be a guiding light in life (though that last one is, admittedly, sometimes hard; I do the best I can).

I am atheist, vegan, anti-capitalist (and generally a fan of many schools of anarchist thought and organizational principles). If those things don't describe you: that is great! We should all be following what we think is right. However, if you don't know much about any of those three things I highly recommend looking into them. They may not be what you think; and I believe them to be forces for good in the world — especially the veganism (which you can read about in the food section of this site).