This section is coming soon. It will contain links to other places on the internet that information about me and my projects can be found. As well as links to other people/projects I like/support.

My Places

I do not do any traditional social media. Most of the places that I can be found are code hosting places... or sites for projects of mine.
My git repositories at
My git repositories at (mostly older projects)
solo repos
Some solo version control repositories I host
A web frontend I built for helping people host gemini capsules
The website for the program language I build/work on
sloum on [gemini link]
My gemini capsule at I host a bunch of things there
I am on gopher a good bit, but have opted to not link it here. If you are on gopher, I am sure you can find me

Other People's Places

When I made this page on the site I thought I had a lot of other people's sites to link to. But really I don't use the web in a way that is great for linking people around anymore. I use wikipedia and bandcamp for info and music. Then I have a few other places I like and things I support... but mostly I like non-internet things, in spite of liking computers and reading a lot, lol. So here is a short list of good stuff. I'll add more if I think of anything or come accross anything great. is a pubnix that I am a member of. It is a good place
The wiki of Devine Lu Linvega. I do not know them personally, just like what they do
Standard Ebooks
Producers of wonderful, open source, public domain ebooks
A great source of public domain work, as well as an archive of the internet in general
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fighting the good fight on the digital frontier