Once upon a time I made a lot of music and played in a lot of bands. This page will mostly just track what I have been enjoying listening to lately, but will also include some links to music I have made in the past.

Recent Listens

These get updated manually, so may go awhile without an update. Some stuff may come and go and others may hang out here for awhile. I'll provide a link to bandcamp where possible (I like them as far as retailers go and further like that pre-acquisition that had a comment in their code about pirating music and how it helps musicians — which I agree with. Either way, they are very scrapable for anyone that wants to write such a thing). If there is not a link it is because there was not a bandcamp one and I will not link to [insert music service], but I'm sure you can find most things.

Artist Album Fave Song(s) Genre
Nick Jonah Davis When the Sun Came Goodfellow of the Riverside Folk, Instrumental
Earth Hibernaculum Coda Maestro in F (Flag) Minor Drone-metal, Western, Ambient
Abigail Lapell Stolen Time Ships, Scarlet Fever, Old Flames Folk, Singer-songwriter
Shearwater The Great Awakening No Reason, Detritivore Alternative, Rock, Ambient, Cinnematic
Leon Russell Stop All That Jazz Wild Horses (cover), Streaker's Ball 70s Rock, Country, Southern
Cloakroom Dissolution Wave Fear of Being Fixed, Dissembler Rock, Hard Rock, Shoegaze-adjacent
The Midnight Nocturnal Shadows, Collateral, Tokyo Night Train Synth-wave, Electronic
Neil Cowley Trio The Face of Mount Molehill Lament, Fable, Hope Machine Jazz, Modern Chamber Music

My Music

I don't end up playing too much music these days aside from noodling on my piano. But I used to play a lot of music, did some local/regional touring, ran a record label for a few years, etc. Here are links to some of that. Again, none of it is very current. Some of it is available on various streaming services as well, though I don't have much to do with that at this point. Bandcamp links are provided below.