music : kodiak

kodiak sleeve art kodiak disc art


Track Listing

# Title Time
1 kodiak 01:49
2 dust bowl blue 03:47
3 rabbit trail oak 02:48
4 coyote mountain copse 01:57


Notes & Thoughts

I had recorded these tracks in 2014, possibly a little earlier. Then I did nothing with them and moved on to other things. They were all recorded around the same time, but were not necessarily meant to be building toward anything. Just working out some musical ideas. I had just sort of rediscovered the acoustic guitar after many years playing electric guitar in bands. So this was my way of figuring some things out in that regard.

In the end, the tracks sat around for a long time. More or less until now (January 2024). I rediscovered them on an old soundcloud account that had been abandoned for a decade. I downloaded them and packaged them together as this little ep. I think they are cool tracks and sit well together. I have done a limited run of CDs and will make the tracks available here on this website once I get some other ducks in a row.

The droning sound on dust bowl blue is a shruti box (the old school bellows kind, not the electric box). I played it for a few minutes, stopped the recording, loaded a new track and palyed again for a few minutes so that they kind of slide into and out of each other and create a nice drone sound. Later on in the track a melodica comes in.

The rest of the tracks were more or less just acoustic guitar. rabbit trail oak features a floor tom (drum), mandolin, piano, and my whistling.

The album art is a photo of the hillside not far from my home, full of trees. I separated the sky and the treeline into layers and inserted some scribbling my daughter did in between. I then used a kaleidoscope filter on the scribbling to transform that. The back side of the sleeve is a reverse of the front side, but the kaleidoscope scribbles have had some color filtering done.