Food is, clearly, an important part of everyone's lives. So much so that it affects our climate, water, land, relationship with animals, modds, health (mental and physical), and so much more. Some of the above are obvious, others take some thinking about, but food is intertwined in everything we are as living things.

Let's cook!

All of the recipes here are free of animal products (vegan) and are pretty delicious. Most of these are adapted from other sources. Many have been converted to using the instant pot, a device I am a fan of. In general they require a fair collection of spices, but once you have the spices they are cheap and easy to make. The spices arent too expensive either if sourced from a quality place (ie. not a standard grocery store, where spices tend to cost a ton for a tiny amount of near-tasteless powder).

Recipes are listed from newest to oldest


I am a vegan. It started out as me putting my actions in line with my words and beliefs relating to ecological and environmental issues surrounding raising animals for slaughter/food. The longer I was vegan (and it honestly didn't take that long) the more I found myself in line with living a cruelty free life in general in all corners, but especially to the animals we share the planet with.

That is all I am going to say about veganism here, save to say that a vegan diet can be delicious, inexpensive, and healthy all at the same time. If you would like to read a bit more about veganism, and animal rights more broadly, I recommend the brief writeup in Devine Lu Linvega's wiki. wikipedia's veganism article also has good informarmation.