food : instant pot cook times

Since I use the instant pot a good bit, I thought having a quick reference (without a bunch of ad bloat) would be good. Remember with these that to use pressure cook mode on the instant pot there is a minimum amount of liquid that should be in the pot. 1 cup for the 6qt, 2 cups for the 8qt, and a half cup for the 3qt.

Beans/lentils should be rinsed/cleaned first.

When natural release is listed you can likely do a quick release after 10 minutes for most of them, but this may take some experimentation to figure out when it is appropriate.

If there is no listed water amount or ratio, then the above-mentioned minimum should be used.

Food Liquid Ratio Time (Min) Release
Beans, black Enough to cover 20–25
4–6 (soaked)
Beans, garbanzo Enough to cover 35–40
10–15 (soaked)
Beans, kidney, red Enough to cover 15–20
7–8 (soaked)
Beans, pinto Enough to cover 25–30
6–9 (soaked)
Beans, soy Enough to cover 35–45
18–20 (soaked)
Congee, thick 1:4—1:5 15–20 Natural
Congee, thin 1:6—1:7 15–20 Natural
Corn, cob 2–4 Quick
Lentils, red, split (masoor) Enough to cover 1–2 (unsoaked) Natural
Lentils, yellow, split (moong) Enough to cover 1–2 (unsoaked) Natural
Millet 1:1.75 10–12 Natural
Oats, rolled 1:3 3 Natural
Oats, steel cut 1:3 5 Natural
Potatoes, cubed 2–3 Quick
Potatoes, whole 10–15 Quick after 10 minutes
Quinoa 1:1 1 Quick after 10 minutes
Rice, basmati 1:1 4 Quick after 10 minutes
Rice, brown 1:1.5 24 Quick after 10 minutes
Rice, brown basmati 1:1.25 22 Quick after 10 minutes
Rice, jasmine/white 1:1 4 Natural
Sweet potatoes, cubed 5–7 Quick
Sweet potatoes, whole 8–20 Quick after 10 minutes