food : sopes

My wife had these when she was young and remembered liking them. So we tried it out and liked them a lot as well. The sope base is much more delicious than a regular tortilla and has such a good texture. Plus, since you can do them as "build your own" with whatever toppings you like, they tend to be a crowd pleaser.



  1. Combine masa and water and knead into a smooth/pliable dough. It should be tacky, but should not stick to your hands much
  2. Pinch off balls of dough about the size of a golf ball, or bigger if you prefer and roll them into smooth balls
  3. Place a ball in the middle of a cut open freezer size zip lock bag and fold the other half of the bag over the ball such that the ball is in between the two halves and in the middle of each
  4. Using a book or other reasonably heavy/smooth object press down on the ball until it forms a disc around 1/4" thick, repeat with each ball
  5. In a dry skillet brown each disc for ~1min on each side over high heat
  6. Once the discs cool enough, pinch each side up to form a lip/edge around the disc (do an image search for 'sopes' if unsure what it should look like)
  7. Heat up 1" depth of oil in a pot/pan and fry the sopes until lightly golden brown
  8. Scoop out and let drain
  9. Once they are all fried, fill them with delicious things. We do refried beans as the base, then whatever else we have on hand. It is not uncommon for them to have meat instead of beans, but as we are vegan we have not done that and I cannot vouch for it nor recommend it
  10. Add salsa, crema, sauce, guac, etc.
  11. EAT!