food : vegan proteins

A lot is made of vegans not getting enough protein without animal products. This is untrue if you are eating a reasonably varied and balanced diet. That said, there are differences in various protein sources. This page is just to take down some notes regarding vegan protein sources.

Complete Proteins

The following are all complete proteins

Combining Proteins

By combining a few groups of foods a balanced protein input can be achieved. In general, you want to eat beans or legumes with another group (as follows:)


The current thought on the subject is that you should not get hung up on creating a complete protein at each meal, but instead try to have a variety of protein sources throughout your day. It is not necessary to have each combination in a given meal, or even in a given day. Just try to mix it up and eat a variety of things and you should naturally get enough protein. Things like nutritional yeast can also add protein to meals as an added source.