food : simple chapati

My family loves these. I usually make up a batch of dal and some eggplant or rajma and we use these as our eating implement. They are tasty and the dough comes together quickly. Rolling them out and cooking them individually can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but mostly it is easy to make smaller batches if you need to (just subdivide the recipe) so it doesnt take too much time.

I have adjusted the measurements from previous postings of this recipe on my other site. The adjustment represents what my family actually usually eats. Previously I tried a larger quantity and found I always had extra and it took so long to make and cook that I did not do it often. Making it a smaller batch helped make it a regular part of our meals. This should make around 5 or 6 chapati. This feeds two adults and a toddler in my hosuehold. The new measurements are also easier to multiply or divide, so do so as needed.



  1. Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Add the oil to the water and whisk together; mix into a dough as needed (you may not use all of the water)
  3. Knead dough until soft, smooth, and elastic. The goal is to be soft but not sticky, so err on the side of less water, adding more as needed.
  4. Divide into equal size pieces (5-6 is around what this quantity produces, multiply for more and divide for less)
  5. Roll out each piece until it is about as thin as a tortilla
  6. Heat a skillet on high heat
  7. Once the skillet is hot, brush one side of a chapti with some of the extra oil (just a light amount) and place oil side down on the skillet)
  8. Lightly brush with oil the side that is facing up
  9. Flip the chapati once browned/charred spots appear (~30s)
  10. You may notice the chapati balloon up a bit, that is a good sign. Once bottom side is browned/charred a bit move the chapati to the oven to keep warm
  11. Repeat the cooking process for each chapati
  12. Serve with delicious goopy food or just eat on their own