projects : crochet

I crochet a bit in my free time, or as the need arises. Early projects were more for practice than to fill a particular need. Eventually, I started being able to make semi-useful items (sleeves for e-readers, toys/purses for my child, etc). This page will have pictures of some of the things I make (when I remember to take pictures and put them here).

Two crocheted round coasters, one beige and one red-brown
Coasters were among my earliest crochet projects. They were easy to learn to make and could be varried in a number of ways. Here are two of my first coasters. They came out pretty well, all in all, and now reside on a downstairs cabinet that has chairs next to it. No rings when guests come over!
A small crochet sage-green and red-brown basket a few inches in diameter
I made this small basket to help clean up a spot on my desk. I tend to have a pile of USB drives lying around. Now they all live in the basket and it looks much nicer.
An unfinished dark-green crocheted scarf
While the scarf is now much longer than pictured here, I have run out of the yarn needed to finish it. So it sits unfinished. Maybe someday I will get another skein of the yarn. I like the "puff stitch" that this uses. It is, or will be, a thick and warm scarf.
A multicolor crochet basket around 4 or 5 inches in diameter
I traveled from Southern California to Washington state by train, with my family, for a wedding. While on the train I made this basket. I ended up giving it to the couple getting married (not as a wedding present, just as a small thing while visiting their home).
A yellow crocheted purse sized for a small child
I made this purse for my daughter. It fits her nicely at her current size/age. I made a few mistakes that left it just slightly wonky, but I don't think she minds. I improvised the flap, rather than using a pattern, so it has a bit of a funk to it. All in all, though, I am really happy with it. I also loved this yarn: so soft! She had originally requested a pink purse, but the pink yarn I had was terrible, so I only used it for the flower that got added on to the yellow purse.
A redish-purple crocheted wallet with its flap closed and buttoned A redish-purple crocheted wallet with its flap unbuttoned A redish-purple crocheted wallet with its flap opened and unbuttoned
After I made the purse, my wife expressed interest in a wallet or small bag. I inded up making this wallet for her. It features a home-made button that I made by using a coping saw to saw off the end of a dead branch I found in our yard. I then sanded the resulting button and drilled two holes. I think it has a nice rustic look, and the wallet came out really well. It uses a "suzette stitch".
A slim case made of yarn with a closed flap at the top A slim case made of yarn with an open flap at the top and crochet hooks visible inside
I don'tlove this yarn. As such, I used it for a very utilitarian purpose: a sleeve/case for my crochet hooks, tapestry needle, and stitch markers.
A multicolor sleeve for an e-reader with a loop and button A multicolor sleeve showing an e-reader sticking out of the top
I made this sleeve for my wife. It fits her Kobo e-reader snugly. She picked the button. I think it turned out really nice. The yarn is a cotton yarn that she had picked out when she thought she would learn to crochet. It didn't happen, but we used the yarn for this project. I think it is a really cool, vibrant yarn.
12 granny squares laid out on the floor
These will eventually form a blanket. There are now more than pictured. Once I have enough (around 48) they will get stitched together into a planket. These use a pattern called "ferris wheel granny square". I think they look pretty good and will make a nice blanket.