sloum's software lab and documentation center

Welcome to the sloum subpage for This page holds documentation for the various software projects I, sloum, work on for colorfield space.

When not working on projects here I work as a software developer, parent a toddler, cook delicious vegan food, play music, read great writing, and spend a lot of time in the pubnix world and on the smallnet.


These programs are largely written for myself and for the users of and not intended for a large audience. That said, if you enjoy them I am quite happy about that. They are intended to form a personal productivity/office suite that is being added to as time goes on. There are currently a few pieces of software for which documentation has not been written. They will be added here when time permits.

Code Repositories

Lots of my code, including all of the above programs, can be found in one of two repositories:


I tend to spend a lot of time on gopher, gemini, and pubnix systems. Here are some favorites:


I cook a lot of, I believe, tasty vegan food. I post recipes online in a few places and have decided to mirror them here. This site is mostly focused on documentation and I feel that recipes fit in very nicely with that as they are definitely a form of documentation (one much more useful to people than most of my code probably is). does not have a web presence for itself (just a few subdomains like this one), but if you point a gopher client to gopher:// you will find information about the pubnix there.