The music page of this site has generally included a table of some of the music I have been listening to lately and a handful of links to some music I have made. Over the past few days I decided that I wanted to host a better representation of my musical output. As such, the music page now features a lot of album covers. When you click on one, you are taken to a page for that album. My hope is to have the following for each album:

  1. Metadata
  2. Images of packaging/art
  3. Track listing w/ running time(s)
  4. Who worked on the album
  5. Notes and things I remember about working on the album
  6. Links to places to stream, download, or purchase the album

At present all of the listed albums have the first four items. The fifth item (notes and remembrances) is filled in for many albums, sometimes in lengthy detail. I have not begun to add in links to other places yet. I hope to do that soon.

I feel like my goal in hosting all of this is to be in control of my musical history. I have two or three bandcamp accounts. They were created in the days before they allowed an account to have multiple entities (bands/labels) under it. I do not believe I have access to any of them anymore. I also have two soundcloud accounts, only one of which I was able to gain access to. I also, through arrangements that bandmates set up, have music on iTunes, spotify, and many other streaming services. I am not in control of those either. By hosting images, track listings, etc. here I can retain control of them. Even if my hosting were to go down, I host them in a remote git repo and have that backed up elsewhere. I should be able to fix things if there are server hiccups (fingers crossed, knock on wood). At the very least, I wont end up in a situation where I forget that some of my music exists!

New Albums

I just released two "new" albums. kodiak and Distance. Both are for my solo project, Colorfield Bridge. kodiak is comprised of four songs I found on a soundcloud account I had not looked at in ten years but suddenly remembered having. I downloaded the songs, which were otherwise lost to me, and got some art together and printed up a few CDs via kunaki. I'll eventually host a streamable version somewhere. The other, Distance, is an album I worked on for a long time and just never found the right time to release. Now seemed as good as any since I was working on getting CDs made for kodiak, so I put some art together and did the same for Distance.

Working on getting these albums, particularly Distance, feels good. A musical weight from the past feels lifted a bit. Maybe I'll try to ride this wave and make some more music. I hope to. If I do, I think I very much want it to be more like kodiak (folk oriented and mostly live played guitar and other instrumentation).